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FarEastone Telecom
Mobile Application

FarEastone Telecom, one of the leading telecommunications providers in Taiwan, contacted our team in late 2019 to collaborate with them on the new FarEastone Telecom mobile application which had 2.7 million monthly active users. The goal was to completely revamp the mobile app experience to accomodate the upcoming 5G revolution while also not disrupting existing user’s experiences.

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Before tackling the design of the mobile application our team conducted a thorough research of nearly everything connected to the FET mobile application. The research consisted of conducting user interviews on the existing mobile application and meeting with Vice Presidents of FET to discuss the business goals and constraints the mobile app currently faces.

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To accommodate the tight schedule of the app revamp and the schedules of all the stake holders, our team used a modified version of the design sprint methodology to get as much information as possible from stakeholders and product owners in the least amount of time possible. This involved creating lots wireframes and prototypes to communicate ideas and functions quickly and effectively.
Concluding the research phase our teams decided that our mobile app would cater for 4 groups user personas.

After every brainstorming and idea session with the FET team, we created wireframes and prototypes that reflect the ideas and vision discussed within the meetings. By doing so we were able to communicate the strategy and product quickly.

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Dashboard variations

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After every iteration of the mobile application design, our team tested our assumptions on users.

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We created a dashboard that felt familiar yet new to all the users and personas that we had initially intended to design for. With payment and internet usage monitoring in mind, we worked with the FET team to build a dashboard that was simple to read but functional enough to offer all the services FET had to offer to it’s customers.

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The steps needed to complete certain tasks have been drastically reduced to accomodate users of all levels of tech savviness. Tasks that took the previous version of the app 4 to 5 steps  to complete have been reduced to 1 to 2 steps.

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The FET mobile application has everything a customer needs to manage their phone bill, number and contract. In order to organize the functions and information within the app, the services are organized into an easy to understand menu, a menu users can browse or search easily and intuitively.

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