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Collect Food Delivery
Mobile application

Based in Krakow, Poland, Collect is a food delivery and pickup startup, founded to allow people to skip the line and order faster. In addition to also helping businesses upsell and cross-sell their foods and services. Our team worked with Collect to revamp and streamline their mobile app experience for users and businesses looking to get their businesses up and running on the collect app.

Better products, better delivery.
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As the information architecture within the mobile was unorganized and confusing for users, we started out with working with Collect to create a clear stucture the information within the app. The second priority was to redesign the mobile app while keeping in mind that there are already a large user base using the app. Thus we were challenged to restructure and redesign the app while not affecting the user base in a negative way.

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To solve these problems our team created a new user flow, our team completely redesigned the mobile application from zero. Familiarity, simplicity and scalability as our guiding principles, we created a product that met the needs of the current users and future users to come.

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